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Highways and long-distance travel are unpredictable even at the best of times. Get your exotic car transport done by the industry leader.


Exotic car transport can have its complications, which is why Z Trans’s friendly and helpful claims team is here to make sure things go smoothly and that you have the best classic car transport experience possible.

When it comes to classic car transport and exotic car transport, Z Trans takes things very seriously. We vet each and every one of our carriers to ensure you’re getting the reliable, classic car transport service that you paid for.


Your car will be covered from transport damage with the carrier’s cargo insurance. Our compliance team ensures that ALL our carriers meet and maintain our insurance standards.


Don't gamble with shipping a classic

Long-distance buying is the modern way to get the classic car of your dreams, but once you’ve scored that amazing vehicle, you’ll need transportation. While there are many auto shipping options out there, it makes sense to choose one that has a strong track record of safe and smooth classic car transport. So once you’ve decided to invest in that hard-to-find vintage vehicle your next step should be doing some research.

Shipped with care

We ship all kinds of cars, including classic, luxury, and brand new vehicles. We even offer international classic car transport to selected ports.

Avoid exposure to the elements

We know that you want your car to arrive as clean as when you left it. Avoid exposure to the elements or extreme weather with our enclosed auto transport option.

Call your driver anytime

Exotic car transport can be stressful, but Z Trans makes it easy with status updates and providing you with the contact information of your truck driver.