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We can transport full load of cars anywhere

When your dealership has a large number of vehicles to transport, rely on Z Trans. We can handle high volume, multiple full loads for cars and trucks as well as motorcycles, powersports, inoperable vehicles and more.
Enclosed car transport

Enclosed transportation offers the highest level of protection

Enclosed car transport is a type of auto transport that adds protection for vehicles. It’s a great car shipping option if you need to transport a classic or luxury car. Enclosed carriers can often only carry a few vehicles at the same time, in most cases, up to 7 automobiles.

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Milestones and Achievements

Since our inception in 2011, we've rapidly grown to become a trusted name in luxury car transportation, driven by our unwavering commitment to service and quality.
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About Us
Welcome to Z Trans, the trusted choice for transporting luxury cars across 48 states in the USA. Specializing in secure, enclosed trailer transportation, we cater to auto auctions, dealerships, and individual car enthusiasts. Our experienced drivers ensure your prized vehicle's safety and care every mile of the journey. Discover seamless, top-tier car transport services with Z Trans – where your vehicle's security is our top priority.

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Our feature
Personalized service, coast-to-coast reach

Luxury car service

Our compliance team checks carriers' insurance for valuable cargo. Vehicles worth $50,000+? Choose enclosed auto transport

Experienced drivers

Our drivers boast over a decade of expertise, ensuring your luxury car's secure delivery

Safety first

Keep your car pristine during transport with our enclosed auto shipping service, just a small additional cost

How it works

Enclosed luxury car transport process from start to finish

Request a quote and schedule pickup:

Start by getting a quote from our website, providing us with the details of your luxury car and transportation needs. Once you agree on the terms, schedule a convenient pick-up date and time.

Prepare your car for transport:

Get your car ready for its journey. This includes cleaning it, removing personal items, documenting its condition, and ensuring it's in good running order.

Pick-up and vehicle inspection:

At pick-up, the transport team will conduct a thorough inspection and load your car onto an enclosed carrier, securing it for safe transit.

Transportation and progress updates:

Your car is transported to the destination with care. During this time, you should receive updates on the progress of the journey.

Delivery, inspection, and handover:

Upon arrival, the car undergoes a final inspection to ensure it's in the same condition as when it left. It's then carefully unloaded and handed over to you or the designated recipient.
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