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What is the difference between enclosed and open transport?
Enclosed transport is the best way to move luxury cars safely. It means carrying the car inside a covered trailer, which keeps it safe from weather and prevents damage. On the other hand, open transport is cheaper and okay for shorter trips or cars that are okay being exposed to the open air.
How do I prepare my luxury car for shipping?
Before you ship your luxury car, make sure it's clean, take out any personal stuff, turn off the alarm, take photos from different angles for your records, and keep the gas tank about one quarter full.
What happens if my luxury car is damaged during transport?
If your car gets damaged during shipping, write down the damage on the Bill of Lading when it's delivered, and then contact Ztrans customer support. Make sure to read the insurance coverage before every shipment.
What documents are required for luxury car shipping?
You need these important documents for shipping your car: the Bill of Lading, which is like a shipping receipt, details of the insurance coverage, your ID and proof that you own the car. Also, if you're not able to be there for the car's pickup or delivery, you might need a Power of Attorney to let someone else handle it for you.
Can I ship personal items in my car?
It's usually not a good idea to put personal things in your luxury car when shipping it because they could get damaged or cause problems with insurance. If you really need to, talk to us first to see what we can do and there will be additional costs.
How long does it typically take to ship a luxury car?
The time it takes to ship a luxury car depends on factors like distance, route, and transport method. Interstate transport can take a few days or weeks. We can provide a more accurate timeline based on your quote!. Contact us right away if its urgent.

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